7 Ways To Make Money Online: Easy And Safe Ideas For Generating Cash!

Today I will be presenting 7 ways to make money online. That’s right, some easy and safe ideas for you to start generating cash sooner than later.

Some of the strategies and services I will be listing below vary in how fast you can expect an ROI or return on investment.

See which one speaks to you most and let me know in the comments below!

If you simply want to skip most of this article and just see a quick overview of the 7 Ways to make money online, feel free to scroll down towards the end and see the listed bullet points.

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Before I get right into the 7 ways you can start making money, I want to debunk some common objections and false beliefs.

People Have Misconceptions About Making Money Online

A common misconception many people believe today is that there aren’t any opportunities. Another would be that there simply isn’t a way for someone to start investing without serious capital.

I am here to assure you that this is simply NOT true.

We’ve never lived in a time more abundant in ways to generate revenue and profits. The internet continues to be ever populated with businesses and ventures that give everyone a chance to win. Financial gain is a matter of numbers, not availability.

Money Is Not “Hard to Get”

People who say they don’t have enough money or that it is hard to get rich have clearly never held a high paying job, invested successfully, or owned their own business well.

The idea that money is “hard to get” would have made more sense in an economic depression, but even then, investors have made a killing during every financial disaster in US History!

A fascinating article, here, is sure to give you a new perspective on how money is everywhere… even when we don’t see it.

If you have a plan, whatever it may be, you already have something many don’t. If you have a positive successful mindset, you have what most don’t. But if you have the will power to move past everything that gets in your way, you have what 80-90% of the populace doesn’t.

In another article I wrote, I discuss why will power is a deciding factor for your success. That isn’t the focus of today’s article, but I highly recommend you check that one out.

7 Ways To Make Money Online:

1. Online Banking, Personal Loans, And Independent Investing

This may be a bit of a surprise for you, but brick-and-mortar banks are not default option for people’s financing anymore. Along with credit cards and private investors, there are many ways to acquire funds for a variety of purposes.

Private lending however, has achieved new heights with recent innovation… Online Banks. That’s right, banks entirely run online and 100% Privately funded.

Virtual Banks

Unlike a standard bank which uses deposits made by account holders, these banks loan money out from invested funds. Money invested by individuals or entities for the interest.7 Ways To Make Money Online: Virtual Banking

This is also how people with poor credit can get loaned money. By having a poorer credit score, an investor will receive a higher interest rate or ROI on his initial investment. The loan duration ranges from 3 years to 5 years typically.

Naturally there is risk involved. People usually have a poor credit score for a reason.

The Value In These Banks/ Why I Use Them

The real value lies in its portfolio management and automatic diversification. Depending on your risk tolerance, you can invest in more conservative or more aggressive loans.

I have personally used an online bank like this for over 3 years and can state with confidence that they beat the pants off of any bank savings account you will ever have. If you are looking for an easy, low risk way to start gaining a steady return on your money, this is for you.

But don’t take my word for it! Check them out. You can get started investing with many for as little as $25 dollars.

This is also very useful if you are looking for a good way to get a quick loan based off of your credit!

2. Affiliate Marketing, Amazon, ShareASale, etc.

I recently read a very interesting statement made by Grant Cardone. (Extremely famous guy… period)7 Ways To Make Money Online: Amazon Affiliate Program

“Everything in life is a sale and everything you want is a commission.” – Grant Cardone

Affiliate marketing is one of the most recognizable and most common ways to make money online. It is also one of the easiest ways to make money online. Selling someone else’s product is very lucrative.

It requires no startup capital, no product, no ordering, shipping costs, and no website! Affiliate marketing can be as simple as referring someone to a website where they can purchase something. If they buy through your link, you get a commission off of that.

Amazon, The Gateway To Affiliate Marketing

Did you know that everything on Amazon is an item You can sell? To be more specific, everything on Amazon is an affiliate product.

If you become an affiliate for Amazon, you can make a commission off of every referred sale. I’ve written an extensive and easy-to-follow article on “How To Become An Affiliate Marketer For Amazon – In 5 Minutes!“. It should help you big time if you intend to sign up.

Amazon is a retail giant beating the pants off of brick and mortar establishments. Only shopping giants like Walmart are keeping up.

I go into a lot more detail on why Amazon is one of the best affiliate networks out there, but I do recommend seeing my full review as I talk about their polices and requirements.

Learn More About Wealthy Affiliate >>

ShareASale – Alternative Affiliate Networks

ShareASale is an example of an affiliate product network. It is a marketplace if you will, of affiliate products and services.7 Ways To Make Money Online: ShareASale

It is different from Amazon’s Partner Network. Unlike Amazon, which has its product line composed of many sellers and items, ShareASale is actually comprised of affiliate products.

Numerous companies use ShareASale as their affiliate network hub. This allows for people to become an affiliate for them, but also negates the hassle of managing their affiliates beyond sending them commissions.

The put it simply, ShareASale lets you become an affiliate for many companies all inside one website.

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The Advantage of Affiliate Marketplaces

I have used ShareASale, and it is a great resource You can become a Merchant or seller through them as well. This is great if you want to have people promoting your products.

The advantage of affiliate marketplaces is that there are many products and services to promote within each of them. This is very helpful when trying to manage the products you promote.

Usually, these marketplaces also have some kind of tracking and statistics included; very helpful for keeping track of sales and improving product performance.

They do often have requirements for you to join their networks, so you may need to have some kind of business or platform to advertise with prior to applying.

That being said, Wealthy Affilliate University has helped me get approved from every affiliate network I’ve applied for. I recommend checking them out!

3. Stocks

Stocks are probably the most well-known investment next to Real Estate. They allow for most people to start investing in paper assets very quickly with mixed results.

There are numerous brokerages and services that allow you to invest in through them,

“Investing In Stocks Is Like Gambling!”

Maybe you’ve heard this statement made, or have come to think this way about stocks on your own. The reality is that this simply isn’t true.

Stocks are different from gambling because unlike a random dice, or a lucky hand of cards, you have the ability to Predict how a stock market is going to perform. Does this always work? Can things take an unforeseen turn? Yes. But so can your state of employment.

Jobs Are Worse Than Stocks!

You could be working at the top of your game. Your work quality is flawless and you are by far one of the best employees the company has. The world is going your way, and you show up to work one day thinking all is right in the world, but your manager meets you at your station.

“We’re letting you go. We can’t afford you”.

Feeling shocked and hurt, you clean up your office and fire up your resume. Who knows how long it will take to get another job?!

Stocks have a measure of predictability that have made millionaires out of people just like you and me. Jobs will never do that or have that market graph with data to analyze.

4. Blogging, Wealthy Affiliate University

If you haven’t read my full review of the #1 Online Business University, “Wealthy Afiliate University“, I highly recommend you check them out right now and start your Free 7 Day Premium Trial with them.7 Ways To Make Money Online: Wealthy Affiliate Univerisity

In my review, I include snap shots showing how I’ve made nearly $1000 Passive Income in under 6 months with the help of Wealthy Affiliate. Be sure to check it out!

They are an online academy for business creation and a website hosting platform. Let me tell you, having tried several other website hosting solutions like GoDaddy and the like, WA beats the pants off of everyone for the price!

WA Has Many Benefits and Resources

In under a year, I have made more money than I ever thought possible with Wealthy Affiliate University

I don’t want to go into too much detail here since I already reviewed them in a separate article, but here are a few highlights that make “WA” one of the best online business solutions/academy’s you will ever find:

> They offer Monthly and Yearly payment options. They also have Holiday specials that can set you up with a discounted renewal price for life! Compared to other universities and web hosting platforms, you can’t beat WA.

> The community is amazing. Posts, courses, and trainings are published by members like you and me who want to help others succeed.

> There is live webinars held by MagiStudies. He is a marketing genius and super helpful.

> You have some of the fastest tech support available to you that I have ever seen. You have a problem, boom, they fix it lightning fast.

> They will teach you how to promote anything online!

This is but a few of the many amazing items that WA offers. Check out my full review, here, or you can view it under the “Educational Courses” heading at the top of the page.

5. Mvelopes

Did you know that you can be an affiliate for Mvelopes?

That’s right, through their affiliate program, you can make money off of any listed plan when someone buys it through your referral link.

Think of yourself as a little bird telling people about the best or newest plans for them to buy.

If you are actively telling people to get better with their money, this will no doubt be a great way to earn money online and have fun while you do it.

Incredible Success Stories With Mvelopes

There are some truly inspiring success stories listed on their site. Many of them tell of how they went from financial ruin or immense debt, to being rockstar money managers with an incredible financial future.

You can also check out my full review of Mvelopes after years of use, Here.

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People Don’t Want To Waste Their Time

Think about it, if I could bring you the best option for money management, and it works, why wouldn’t people want to sign up?

It is very easy to create links or ads, and you can customize what is shown with relative ease.

6. Offering Services, Pay-Per-Service, Fiverr…

Maybe you are a bit of a freelancer or want to offer your services online. There are many, but one of the most popular would be Fiverr.7 Ways To Make Money Online: fiverr

Here you have the ability to sell your services out to people online for varying costs. You can charge as little a $5 for your work. Hence, the name “Fiverr” for $5 dollar jobs.

Freelancers Are Modern Day Mercenaries

The motto of the modern man could be, “Why do it yourself when you can have someone else do it for you?”

This is very true today, and more and more people are turning to Fiverr and the people within to do what used to require an entire team of people or hired employees.

Want a professional logo done for you? No problem! There are graphic designers for days on Fiverr, and you will be able to compare dozens of them side by side.

Want someone to advertise on Google for you? There are SEO specialists who are ready to rock and roll at the push of button.

You Can Become An Affiliate of Fiverr’s

If you are interested, you can also become an affiliate of Fiverr, here at Fiverr’s Affiliate Network.

I believe first time purchases from Fiverr through your affiliate links generate commission. So once someone has made a purchase, they are no longer a first time buyer.

If you join through my link, I can come alongside you to help you, as I will receive a notification that you joined. My email is always listed at the end of my posts, feel free to email me, or leave a comment below with any questions!

7. Selling Your Art Online, Redbubble, Zazzle, Etc.

Believe it or not, you can sell artwork with little to no experience on how to do so today. Services like Redbubble give you the ability to sell your art for others to buy on a plethora of different items.7 Ways To Make Money Online: RedBubble

You can sell clothing, cards, wall art, stationary, mugs, bags, laptop sleeves, etc. The list keeps going on and on. Gone are the days when you had to produce items to place your art on, now you can have companies do it for you!

I recommend Redbubble because they are very reputable and easy to get started with.

An alternative would be Zazzle. They are similar to Redbubble by selling different products with your art and designs. It is another easy way to start making money off your creations without the hassle of ordering, processing and shipping.

Most People Don’t Do Anything

The reality is, most people will read an article like this, and will do absolutely nothing with the information presented. But thankfully, you are not “most people”. You can start making money online today!7 Ways To Make Money Online: Printing Money

I know this because you took the time to read this far, and or because you are viewing this article in the first place. Many people simply snuff out any desire they have and never achieve their dream lifestyles.

Go with what you are passionate about! Here is a quick summary to help you out:

  • Do you like investing in private loans that mature with good returns over the course of 3-5 years? An online privately funded bank is for you.
  • Do you like the idea of making money off of someone else’s product or website? Affiliate marketing through Amazon, and or ShareASale, is a great way to go!
  • If you want to get started investing in stocks, I recommend looking into some educational courses and coaching. When you are ready to get started investing, there are many sites you can invest through.

My 1# Recommendation & More

  • My 1# recommendation for you to get started today would be to use Wealthy Afiliate University. Their help in starting blogs, learning SEO, Paperclick marketing, website creation/hosting, and their community support is unparalleled. But most importantly, it will allow you to promote just about anything!
  • If you like money and love having a great budget, I would strongly encourage you to join Mvelopes Affiliate program today. It’s free and is very easy to use.
  • If you are looking for a platform to offer your services as a freelancer, Fiverr is the site for you. As I mentioned before, you can also join Fiverr’s Affiliate Network as well if you simply want to promote them.
  • If you are a creative mind and want to make money off your designs or art, Redbubble is a fantastic way to start making money without the hassle of starting up a new business. You could also go with Zazzle, they are very similar and I’ve heard good things about them.

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Let me know in the comments what you thought of this article and whether this was helpful for you. Don’t forget to comment with any questions or email me.

Until next time my friends,

Best regards,

Jacob Highley


Jacob Highley

Jacob is the featured author on FSB. He is a seasoned Internet Marketer and Financial Expert. Some of his professional experience includes, Real Estate, Stocks, Business Management, Crypto Currencies, and he is a veteran Online Blogger. He is an avid reader and investor. He has a passion for helping others succeed and overcome obstacles in their lives. He believes that "Knowledge Is Power", and that people have the ability to do anything they set their minds to. You can read more about him, Here.

11 thoughts on “7 Ways To Make Money Online: Easy And Safe Ideas For Generating Cash!

  • October 6, 2018 at 8:20 pm

    Some really good ideas there Jacob thanks, I especially enjoyed the part about Mvelopes, I’d heard of them but had no idea they had such great options, I’ll definitely check them out.
    Great article, Cheers

    • December 8, 2018 at 8:48 am

      Absolutely, Cambell! I’m glad you enjoyed the post and that this information was helpful for you! I have used Mvelopes for years and have become a money managing machine with them. Once you taste Mvelopes… you never go back. 😉

  • October 6, 2018 at 9:33 pm

    Thank you Jacob for a very informative and inspirational review on ways to help increase income. I have tried many times to check out other ways to help with income, and one of them you mentioned was affiliate marketing. Soon as I would read the word “marketing” I would dismiss it, thinking you had to be very well acclimated with some kind of marketing if not have some kind of degree in that field. And finally after dismissing the idea I later (many months later) saw that what I thought was not true. There are too many success stories from people in that community at Wealthy Affiliate not to check it out. Yes, some of those stories took some time to become a reality, but their consistent hard work paid off, and others have augmented their “bring home” income very well. I am new to WA and the learning is step by step, go at your own pace and all the help and information you need is there. I don’t have a success story yet, but I honestly believe that with the help and training they offer, I may have one in the future.

    • December 8, 2018 at 8:44 am

      Comments like yours are why I write, Donald. What an excellent testimony! I get that you haven’t achieved success at the level you desire yet, but you are doing what most people never do! I commend you for that. I wish more people were like you. The idea of going out and starting something from scratch, getting professional help at a low cost, and never giving up is what makes people millionaires!

      I myself have been using Wealthy Affiliate for a good while now and I am seeing incredible results in sales and traffic on a regular basis. It is only getting better! Again, thanks for such a great comment!

  • October 6, 2018 at 11:34 pm

    Hi Jacob, great article and well written. You’ve explained numerous ways of making money online and reminded me of a couple more that I haven’t considered for some time. Thanks for the reminder lol! Personally, my favorite is blogging and affiliate marketing at this point, as I develop my site and keep learning as I move forward. Wealthy Affiliate as helped me get to this point, making it the best choice I have made to help me make money online. Thanks for sharing such helpful information.

  • October 7, 2018 at 7:16 am

    It is a good position to take advantage of online marketing now because there are so many ways to make an income. the ones you have mentioned here are really good because of the options they provide. But there are many more ways out there.

    • December 8, 2018 at 8:39 am

      Yep, making money online has become a very easy thing. There are many different options, but the primary reason most people don’t succeed is because they aren’t following the “Law of Success“. Success leaves traces as my old internet marketing instructor would say, and that motto has led me to believe that many people don’t know what success looks like. Hopefully this list will help them get started online.

  • October 7, 2018 at 12:43 pm

    Hey Jacob,

    Amazon associate program is one of the best ways to make money online. I have used it for several years and love it. Since they are one of the most successful companies you get credit for a sale whenever someone clicks on your links and buy a product within 24 hours.

    There are so many Amazon WordPress plugins out there, though. Personally, I use the Easy Azon plugin. It makes inserting your affiliate links a breeze.

    One way to supplement Amazon earnings is with Google Adsense, too. They have an excellent program which can really add up when you are getting 40,000 visitors a month.

    • December 8, 2018 at 8:36 am

      Well that’s the trick isn’t it. Many people don’t know where to start and can’t imagine that many visitors a month. That’s why I created this list. It’s my hope that this list will help people start creating a business and make money online. Wealthy Affiliate is by far one of the best choices to get started with an online business online.

  • November 4, 2018 at 11:16 am

    I love these 7 ways to make money online. I am premium at Wealthy Affiliate (just finishing up Level 2 of the training) and loving it. Affiliate marketing is great for so many reasons.

    I’ve made just over $100 over the past 6 months with similar sites, without massive effort or crazy expertise. It’s underrated in my opinion because Amazon has become so dominant. Depending on the niche/industry people want to affiliate with, it can be a great option.

    Thanks for this great list!

    • December 8, 2018 at 8:05 am

      I hear you, Ben! The ability to advertise and make money from services that you don’t even own has become one of the easiest ways to enter the internet marketing world. I think you are right when you say people overlook options other than Amazon at times, “ShareASale” is one of the options. that is why I created this list. Thanks for the comment!


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