A Little Bit About Me

Hi, all! Welcome to FinancialSuccessBook.com!

Growing up, I had the incredible benefits of having two incredible parents in a loving and supportive household with 5 other siblings. (No, that is not a typo)

My dad is an amazing man and I credit much of my early ambitions and success to him as he has pushed me to pursue my dreams and financial freedom.

My mom is an incredible woman and was my home school teacher from Kindergarten all the way through my high school years. Patient and loving, she was super-mom in the house.

My three sisters and two brothers are all amazing, and I wouldn’t trade them for the world.

What I Do

I now work full time and can appreciate the money and experience. However, it is still a job, and a stepping stone to help me reach what I believe everyone has wanted at some point in their lives…financial freedom.

I have studied different methods to become financially free and have spent innumerable hours learning new niche’s and business models. I’ve researched internet marketing, Real Estate, numerous ways to generate profit and income.

I have also invested in other passive and active investments like stocks, private loans, or precious metals, some of which I’m still investing in. It is my goal to reach financial freedom and quit my full time job…maybe you can relate?

I love financial freedom and learning about it. I also inherited a love for teaching from my dad, thus I enjoy imparting information to other people if it helps them in any way.

Why I Want to Help People

I look up to a number of successful individuals, namely, Robert Kiyosaki, T Harv Eker and Armand Morin, being authors and educators whose works and teachings I had the privilege to study. I found their courses and books extremely helpful or inspiring.

Each of these individuals achieved financial freedom and wealth with different strategies, consequently, I too believe there is no “right” way to become financially free.

I really do believe that the old saying, “Knowledge is Power”, to have some truth in it. I’ve bought into the “get-rich-quick” scheme, and found myself getting stuck in a rut mentally and physically because my mindset or strategy was wrong. I wasn’t ready for failure or for the challenges involved with achieving financial freedom.

Why I Created FinancialSuccessBook.com

It is my hope that FSB will be a source of knowledge and support to help you on your journey. Most if not all the books and material I have read have helped me in some way, shape or form.

Be it learning how to manage money properly, investing in vehicles for financial success, to changing my mindset to recognize new opportunities, everything I’ve learned has helped me get where I am today.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,



  1. Good to meet you buddy. Your page here is laid out well and explains what you are trying to achieve. You’re obviously a sharp guy.

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