Financial Help Books: Knowing When To Hit The Books And Get Help

If you’re like me, you probably have a pretty good opinion of yourself. I will usually look to myself to do something. Getting it done “right”, could be like my middle name. There is no one better suited than yours truly. Maybe you can relate? Hitting the financial help books can be tough sometimes.

This mentality has often gotten me in to more trouble than I would like to admit. Be it overextending myself, to being inconsiderate of other’s talents and abilities, when trying to solve a problem, trying to do everything myself, hurts.

Not getting outside help, often leaves me burnt out, and others feeling left out or unappreciated.

The same can be said about books and materials that can help you move forward or solve a problem. Without seeking help outside of myself, I’m limiting myself to what I know, and leaving myself oblivious to what I don’t.

Getting Stuck and Getting Directions

When I am faced with a problem, I think I resort to old programming or conditioning if you will. I think at some point growing up, we each have sought help from someone or something and were told to do it ourselves.

There are many reasons why this may have been. Namely, Someone was being lazy, someone didn’t care enough to help you, or someone or something simply couldn’t help you, leaving you to fend for yourself.

I think the previous statement carries some weight to it. At some point, the idea of asking for help was not supported by someone or something, even if they had good intentions.

I bring this up because our past doesn’t equal our future, but we tend to think it does. It’s simple logic right? “I asked for help before, why would they help me now?”

If I hold on to this false belief that no one can help me, and that I am better off just doing it myself, there will always be limitations to my success.

Easy As ABC-123

Getting help, really isn’t that hard, and it feels great!Financial Help Books - 123 ABC

Our society is based upon the idea of helping people, and helping ourselves. You can find help anywhere, and in this day and age, we are living in what is rightly called, the “Information Age”.

Who makes books? People. Who creates courses, videos, and materials to help people achieve their goals? People! A book is an extension of a person’s mind and knowledge. Same goes for any type of educational material, it is all a source of support and resources for us.

Learning to seek guidance from others has been vital to my long-term success. When I think about what has helped me succeed the most, it’s other people. Because of all that other people have done, it makes my life easier and has helped me learn.

Granted I’ve learned from my mistakes, but I credit many of my successes to those who helped me along the way, especially when it helped me avoid some unnecessary pain along the way.

How You Can Avoid The Financial Ditches

Because I’ve been shortsighted, I’ve fallen in many financial ditches along my journey.

Whether it be improperly handling my money, to not becoming educated about what I am going to do in a new financial venture, I find myself relying on others on a regular basis.

By seeking guidance or information from other people, I can not only avoid the financial pitfalls that go along with any type of financial venture, but understand what works!

That is not to say we won’t experience trial and error despite having great information, it simply means we can navigate the road to financial success and freedom that much easier!

Having the right mindset going forward is important. If I enter into a business, not believing it will succeed, it probably won’t.

If I believe that I will never learn to manage money successfully or that I will never make more money than I currently do now, then that will probably be true for you. I believe there is a difference between objective and subjective laws in the universe.

My Word Is Law In The Universe

What do I mean by that? Objective laws are true and real, existing regardless of personal opinion. Subjective laws vary according to the individual and may not even be real! My opinions about myself, may or may not be true.

You might be a large weight according to the scale you are standing on, that is probably true, that is probably an objective statement. But are your thoughts?Financial Help Books - Depressed

You see the scale turn and you think, “My gosh! I am so fat!” You said it in your mind, but is it true? I think we can all agree that everyone is different.

Everyone weighs differently, has a different height, thinks differently, believes differently, expresses emotions differently, and looks different from everyone else. What is true for one person may not be true for another.

Thus, our thoughts tend to be the foundation of our “reality” if you will. I live in a world with objective laws, but there are many things in my life which only exist because I allow them to. If I make mistakes, that doesn’t mean I’m a failure.

I might forget something really important, that doesn’t mean I’m stupid. I  believe we determine who we are.

Can I Change? Why Should I Change At All?

I think I’ve heard it said that “Change Is Nature”, and I believe that there may be some truth to this statement. Whether I like it or not, I am changing every day.

I am constantly learning, growing older, doing different things, thinking different things, believing different things… Shall I go on?

You get the idea, we are changing all the time. It’s not about how much I change, it’s about how I change.

If I want to become a great money manager or become financially free, unless I am progressing towards my goal, it doesn’t make sense for me to keep doing the same thing over and over again, expecting new results.

Not only are there great resources to help in every area of your life, but there are many people who can help you as well!

If I want to achieve something that someone else already has, it makes sense for me to model and reach out to that person to get help, if they are offering it.

Financial Help Books – Not Just Books

I hope I’ve made some sense today, I hope I’ve inspired some people to look beyond themselves in some way.Financial Help Books - Stack Of Books

My goal hasn’t been to diminish self-worth or ego. My goal has been to point out some common beliefs and thoughts, that aren’t supportive, that I know I have had before.

I’ve found that there is great strength in others helping you, and I know for a fact that when people, or books, have been a source of guidance and support for me, I’ve progressed in those areas of my life faster or easier.

Let me know what you think about the concepts and ideas I’ve talked about today. Let me know how someone else has come alongside you to help you achieve your goals. Also, feel free to ask me anything, and I will get back to you as soon as I can! 🙂

Warm regards,

Jacob Highley

Jacob Highley

Jacob is the featured author on FSB. He is a seasoned Internet Marketer and Financial Expert. Some of his professional experience includes, Real Estate, Stocks, Business Management, Crypto Currencies, and he is a veteran Online Blogger. He is an avid reader and investor. He has a passion for helping others succeed and overcome obstacles in their lives. He believes that "Knowledge Is Power", and that people have the ability to do anything they set their minds to. You can read more about him, Here.

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