Interviewing Garrett Sutton About New Book ‘Scam-Proof Your Assets’ (2021) – My Honest Book Review & Thoughts

I recently had the opportunity to interview a literal legend in the field of legal work about a book he just released. I am of course referring to none other than Garrett Sutton, who just published his new book titled “Scam-Proof Your Assets – Guarding Against Widespread Deception”.

Anyone who has read some of my previous posts will already be familiar with my love for Robert Kiyosaki’s publications. (Who happens to have a foreword in Garrett’s new book) Robert’s work on “Rich Dad Poor Dad” and the following book titled “Rich Dad Poor Dad: The Cashflow Quadrants” changed my life early on and it laid the foundation for what I would call my ‘financial future’.

Although I wasn’t personally familiar with Garrett’s work, the moment I heard that he was a Rich Dad Advisor working with Robert, I jumped at the chance to interview him. This latest book upholds the tradition of quality and insight that is expected with the Rich Dad brand. I was blown away by some of the things Garrett shared during our interview and his book amazes me with the resources it offers.

For your convenience, I have listed the audio interview below. (Please note, this interview took place before the book’s release)

If you’d like to ‘Scam-Proof’ your assets, you can use my links below to order your brand new copy of Garrett’s book.

Also, you can actually hire his legal services by going through his law firm at Corporate Direct via my link below! Definitely check that out if you are interested and be sure to get his new book. (Released October 27, 2020)

Interviewing Garrett Sutton about his new book “Scam-Proof Your Assets” (Prior to book release) – Hosted By Jacob Highley

What Are The ‘Rich Dad Advisors’ Books?

What made the Rich Dad Advisors series of books so impactful was how they were far more targeted on particular topics (like stocks, real estate, and business help) which built upon the original principles that Robert taught and still teaches today.

Where the first books clearly showed that the road to financial freedom was as simple as understanding assets and liabilities, the Rich Dad Advisors series was designed as a way to expand on those principles without losing the easily understandable language that defined the “Rich Dad” brand as a whole.

Anyone could now understand specific topics with books from people who’ve worked 1 on 1 with Robert himself for years! As a Rich Dad Advisor and Asset Protection Attorney to Robert Kiyosaki, I simply can’t think of anyone else I would want to get my legal advice from.

Why Should I Buy ‘Scam-Proof Your Assets’? What Will I Learn?

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As I said before, I’m a massive fan and believer in the Rich Dad brand with Robert Kiyosaki. If he says someone is legitimately qualified and experienced to do something, it is usually true. His foreword reads out as follows:

“Garrett Sutton is a smart guy who brings his expertise and “A student” research and writing skills to every project he undertakes. Equally important: The crooks today are getting smarter. So we need to get smarter too. And Garrett’s book, “Scam-Proof Your Assets” can help us all do that. Be safe. Get smarter.” – Robert Kiyosaki, Author of the Number 1 personal finance book of all time, “Rich Dad Poor Dad”

Garrett is a Bestselling Author of seven Rich Dad Advisors Series books, including Start Your Own Corporation, Loopholes of Real Estate, Writing Winning Business Plans and Run Your Own Corporation, Buying and Selling a Business, and The ABCs of Getting Out of Debt.

Here are just a few of the relevant topics he covers in “Scam-Proof Your Assets”:

  • How to keep your guard up to stay protected with a “BS Detector”.
  • How to think clearly with Critical Thinking (CT), while making an average of 35,000 conscious decisions a day.
  • Why you should protect your identity with your life. 
  • How to avoid being a vulnerable mark who is craving a good deal. 
  • How to quickly identify a Con Man or Con Artist.
  • How to identify red flag patterns of greed and fear, “expert” positioning, and charm as manipulation.
  • How to avoid getting hacked as a business owner.
  • Why understanding what you are signing, before you sign it, is so important.
  • Why you should always ask a lot of questions and never make urgent payments.
  • In Chapter 13, there is a proposed solution that describes Cyber Bounty Hunters. Readers can learn what the U.S. Constitution allows, and what has been done in the past to stop people who break the law. 
  • And More!

Security Amid So Much Uncertainty & Scandal

There is something to be said for those who are able to hijack people’s lives, businesses, and property. Those who would dare commit crimes against their neighbor are often underestimated simply because they are treated like ghosts in the night. The knowledge that there are people with the ability to steal everything from others exists almost like folklore or a movie plot, with many never realizing just how dangerous this digital world truly is.

If you listened to my interview with Garrett, one of the main points he makes is about how governments are either just starting to address these cyber-threats and local scams against their citizens or are wholly ignorant of the looming threats that every property owner faces.

That is to say, you may never encounter one of these scammers, but they do exist, and they don’t just target your house or estate. Identity theft, bank information theft, and more are all real problems that academic schools will never teach you.

Political Fears

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Garrett’s book “Scam-Proof Your Assets” has been released at a time when most of the United States (and areas around the world) are heavily concerned with political issues surrounding this year’s elections. There really isn’t any need for me to delve into the how’s or why’s here (anyone listening to even the small amount of news understands what I’m talking about) as it suffices to say that with new leadership/politicians in place there always comes new laws.

The implications of how people could take advantage of you or your property is dependent upon your knowledge of tax code, insurance copy, and property coverage.

At a time when so much is on the line, anyone with assets owned should seriously consider reading Garrett’s book and get a consultation with his legal team.

My Verdict

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

“Scam-Proof Your Assets’ may be from the Rich Dad Advisors series, but that doesn’t mean you have to be a financial genius to understand it. The book is entirely digestible for anyone with a basic understanding of finances. But what I think will truly surprise you, is how the book retains depth that is totally unseen in many legal books today.

While many publications strive to be helpful and easy to understand, many often end up being either or. They are either insightful but difficult to understand, or easy to understand but so basic it doesn’t really provide value.

Garrett, with literally decades of experience under his belt, gives the best of both worlds making every chapter interesting, engaging and most importantly, it will give you relevant advice that you can act upon quickly.

It was a pleasure talking with Garrett and having the opportunity to review yet another fabulous addition to the prestigious line-up of Rich Dad Advisors books!

Let me know in the comment if you have any questions and or if you’ve read some of Garrett’s work before!

Best regards,

Jacob Highley

Jacob Highley

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2 thoughts on “Interviewing Garrett Sutton About New Book ‘Scam-Proof Your Assets’ (2021) – My Honest Book Review & Thoughts

  • November 10, 2020 at 6:28 pm

    This is very important for all, especially adults, to read. Now days its hard to know who to trust. With that said, even more difficult to decide who to trust with your money. this is a really great read. Ive read rich dad poor dad and learned alot from that book. I will definetly look into the advisor books. financial wealth is very important in these times. thanks for sharing. 

    • November 11, 2020 at 8:06 pm

      Definitely! I’m glad to hear you found value in Rich Dad Poor Dad like I did. I think Garrett’s book would be extremely valuable for you if you have been actively acquiring or building assets. 


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