Life Coaching Saved My Business – Here’s How (2021)

It’s both humbling and a bit painful to talk about my failures, but I’m proud of where I am today. I owe my successes to my life coaches who have helped me better myself and my business. So today I want to present my story of how life coaching saved my business.

The internet has become an incredible resource for knowledge and a method for connecting with others. Gone are the days when one had to travel great distances to meet with family or friends, and there are more “virtual employees” than ever before.

Furthermore, there are just as many, if not more people starting online businesses. The platform changes,(Youtube, Blogs, Freelancing, etc) but the goal remains the same: “To share one’s passion, and to quit your 9-5”. 

How I Started My Business

I started my business online with the idea of starting a blog and discussing financial topics. Naturally, I got my own website and learned how to build a business from an online university.

I was completely sold that my passions would fuel my success and that with patience, I was for sure going to get free of my job within a year or sooner.

My Initial Results

While I did have some minor successes online, the sad reality was that I wasn’t making a whole lot of progress. Educationally, I was making leaps and bounds, but financially, I was just increasing my business costs/debt.

I tried different methods to change my approach and generate some different results, but my progress remained painfully lackluster. This continued for a year or so. 

I didn’t know why I wasn’t achieving the level of success I’d been expecting in my business. I started to blame the training or Google and became depressed

How I Started Failing (Learning)

There are 3 primary reasons I was failing. Three reasons that I was completely unaware of and had no idea were major contributors towards why I wasn’t succeeding. 

1. I Was Not Using Key Strategies

To be fair, I had no idea that there are some primary methods for getting a website ranked that matter more than others. The methods I learned to advertise and rank a website were only part of a bigger picture.

Had I understood what I should have been focusing on, I might have achieved success with my online business much faster. 

2. I Was Overconfident

The line between being confident and prideful is a thin one at best. One second you have self-confidence and ambition, the next all of that has become hubris. 

There were times in the early stages of me building a business where I can clearly recall thinking “I already know that”. Thus I ended up passing on prime opportunities to learn more up-to-date methods for business growth.

Sometimes it is good to stick to what you know, but other times doing what isn’t working is like accepting insanity! I wish someone would have come along side me and told me exactly what kind of ridiculous attitude I’d adopted. 

3. I Thought Results Would Come Faster

My expectations for my business were pretty unrealistic. Without experience in my new field of business, I was basically putting out fishing lines hoping one would get bit. And that’s saying something since I did in fact have a course that I was going through at the same time.

Regardless of the quality of the training, I should have been willing to accept that my business would take longer than expected. I mixed up my ambition with my estimations and ended up getting myself way too involved in the results. 

My results shouldn’t dictate whether or not I am a successful person, but this is something I lonely learned through life coaching.

How Life Coaching Saved My Business

When I first enrolled in life coaching, I was closer to giving up than I wanted to admit. My efforts to create an online business for myself was getting me pretty much nowhere. Though I had people supporting me (family and friends) they weren’t experienced in online business and weren’t able to give me direction.

Thankfully my life coach was able to come alongside me and show me that my strategy was only a piece of the puzzle. It was only a part of why I wasn’t getting the results I wanted.

Naturally they had advice for me about my business, but the real value came from the insight they offered about me. I was completely unaware of how such a big shift is necessary to move from an “employee mindset” to “the boss mindset”.

I believe many people are completely disillusioned about their bosses, and bosses in general today. Most people see them on an equal footing with themselves. Most would say, “I could do his job easy, I just need a business to run”. 

Can you do his or her job? Yes. Would you do it with the experience and mindset they have? Probably not. The shift in responsibility and mindset is just too great for many people to handle. (Not all bosses will have this level of “bossness” but I think you get the picture)

Biggest Takeaway

Coaching, regardless of what kind of coaching it is, is not optional. Do you want to play golf? You need a golf coach. Tiger Woods has had coaches as early as 1993, even before his pro-days!

The same applies to many different niches and fields. When you were in school, you had a teacher. When you had gym or any sports, you had a coach. 

I never realized just how important having a coach was until I started seeing dramatic changes in my business because of it. My business improved with more traffic and sales, and more importantly, my attitude improved!

I started seeing my business as a learning experience, and an opportunity to discover what works, and what doesn’t. Giving myself the permission to succeed or just flat out fail has helped me grow as a person.

Today I understand that there are no failures, there are only expensive lessons. Whether it costs me time or money, I recognize that my efforts are never wasted. 

Why I Believe Everyone Needs A Coach

Success is not a result, it is a state of being. You can make millions of dollars, have the most perfect spouse, and have the lifestyle everyone around you craves, but you can still be a failure. If people became successful because of what they’d accomplished, then only the people living “The American dream” would ever be counted as successful. 

The reality is that many people today are living very successful lives, just with different results. A perfect example of this was the coaching system I learned from my life coach. He taught that life was actually a balance between multiple categories of improvement.

(It is not my intention with this article to bark orders or shove a bunch of rules in your face. My intention is to give you information that is sorely lacking from most people’s lives today. I want to see you succeed!)

  • Health And Wellness

Rule 1# of life, take care of your health. I can make the most money in the world, and discover that I have weeks to live because I’m not taking care of my body. Money, power, authority and experience do not matter if you aren’t alive to enjoy them. 

Don’t get me wrong, Health isn’t everything, and there are many people who always put others well being before their own. That is very noble but shortsighted. If I die, or am disabled, I am no longer able to offer the help only I can provide. 

Taking care of yourself isn’t about being selfish, it’s about setting yourself up to help others and experience life in your best physical state. 

  • Career/Business

Boy, people today are being treated like sheep in the school system today. High school doesn’t teach you critical information about how money works today. Where was the lesson on how to manage his money or the lesson on the differences between the working classes?

Teacher: “Hey, Billy, you’re pretty close to graduating high school now,, have you thought about what you want to do when you graduate”

Billy: “I want to be an architect after I go to College!”

Teacher: “ Wow! That’s great, Billy! I’m sure you are going to thoroughly enjoy the lack of tax breaks, pitiful benefits and the long hours that come with being an employee! And of course I’m sure you are going to adore the tens of thousands of dollars you’ll accrue from College!” 

Billy: ”Wait… what?”

Arguments about being an architect aside, comparing being a business owner or investor to being an employee is a joke. Billy has no idea what being an employee means and only sees the “cool” aspects of doing something he likes.

Not to mention that he has no education about dealing with loans, credit cards, bank accounts, taxes, debt (mortgages, car loans, bank loans, etc) or the cost of living expenses!

That being said, if your only ambitions are to be an employee or self-employed individual, then you should be making regular efforts to improve yourself so you can get better and better jobs… Until you hit the pay cap for your field of work that is. 

  • Education

I think it goes without saying, education is vital to individual growth and is the reason average people outperform those with natural talent. (And hard work of course)

What you don’t know may not kill you, but it certainly comes back to bite you in the rear! No matter my field, because I prioritize my education, I grow and generate results. 

Whenever I’ve gone into a field without education, it has led to disaster or mediocre results. This isn’t a fair world where everyone has equal footing and we are all starting with the same resources. 

I have met people who clearly have a distinct edge above the rest, but don’t achieve their goals because they’ll tell me, “I already know that”. 

If I “know” something, that means I have implemented and executed the plan I have created. I may “understand” something, but until I put it into practice, I don’t truly “know it”.

  • Relationships

There are plenty of books on the subject of improving marriages, work-place relations, and friendships. The biggest illusions of today’s society, however, is that digital interactions equal meaningful relationships. 

Sure, I can build professional relationships with people over the internet or my phone and I can work on a team of employees or staff on a Skype call. But that doesn’t mean I “know” them. 

Do you know about your “friend’s” personality or character? I have met plenty of people I could call my friends, but they are really just acquaintances. Working on my relationships is not about meeting people, it is about me getting to know them and understand them. 

Also, if I don’t have a strong relationship with someone from my family, they are only related to me by blood and don’t hold a significant place in my life. One wonders if they can truly be counted as part of my family.

  • Environment 

I must first be aware of a problem before I can do anything about it. If I have a messy house, I must first be aware of it before I can clean up. Our environment can be our house, work space, bedroom, closet, backyard, and anywhere we call our own.

This is important, and I’m guilty of ignoring my personal space by making excuses like, “I’m too busy right now” or “I’ll deal with this later”. I am actively retraining myself to make designated areas for my “stuff” and training myself to put said stuff away immediately. 

This doesn’t happen all at once and you will most likely get frustrated more than a few times over how quickly your living spaces get messy. (Especially if you have kids)

  • Give/Charity

Depending on what you decide to donate or contribute, giving always looks different for everyone. Just because I decide to donate money, doesn’t mean you have to. Contributing your time is just as noteworthy as giving money.

There are many ways you can start helping others, it is just a matter of looking on a website or calling your local shelters. When you help others, you are telling God or the universe that you have “abundance” and are ready to receive more time and or money!

Also, people give rich people a bad rep. Do they donate money or time? How are they impacting the community? Rich people create opportunities for employment, and efforts to help people. 

We should all be more careful when we think negatively of people who have achieved a lot. We have no idea how long it took them or how selfless they are. (A sports care doesn’t make someone a jerk)


By having someone come along side you for any or all of these areas of your life, you are going to grow beyond your tiny self, and become the boss you were destined to be. This takes time, but the results are always worthwhile!

Do you have a life coach right now? What experience have you had with them? Have they helped you achieve your goal? Be sure to comment below and share this post with others if you found it helpful. Sharing is caring!

Best Regards,

Jacob Highley

Jacob Highley

Jacob is the featured author on FSB. He is a seasoned Internet Marketer and Financial Expert. Some of his professional experience includes, Real Estate, Stocks, Business Management, Crypto Currencies, and he is a veteran Online Blogger. He is an avid reader and investor. He has a passion for helping others succeed and overcome obstacles in their lives. He believes that "Knowledge Is Power", and that people have the ability to do anything they set their minds to. You can read more about him, Here.

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