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Honestly, I think “mindset” is given a bad name in today’s society. Not because of its importance in many areas of our life, but because it is quoted so much. The millionaire mindset has not been understood.

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If you are like me, after hearing something for a while, it becomes familiar, and familiarity breeds insensitivity to something.

Meaning I no longer treat it the same because I have come in contact with it before, usually negatively.

Technology has undoubtedly given us many advantages and abilities that previous generations could never have dreamed of, but with technology has come a coldness and withdrawn attitude to many areas of our lives.

I have meet people that act completely different online compared to how they act in person. This is because their mindset is not as easily seen online than in person.

My beliefs can become obvious as I speak online, but who I am is understood when you meet me in person.

That is why today I will be talking about “The Millionaire Mindset”, and how I use that to bring me wealth and prosperity!

The Millionaire Mindset, What is the Mindset Made Up Of?

The Millionaire Mindset - Thinking Hard

I would like to apologize if I come across as a bit analytical when I write. It is a habit of mine to be constantly be analyzing, and thus, my thoughts may sound a bit robotic at times.

My goal in writing this, is to help you the reader sort through your thoughts a bit, and open your mind to the possibility that you can and will be thinking differently.

Mindset has a very interesting definition, I recommend taking the time to fully understand what composes your mindset. Furthermore, what mindset really means.

Hopefully, you will be thinking even better than “differently”, and will be thinking more positively by the end of my article.

Mindset is easily associated with famous authors and teachers like T. Harv Eker, Zig Zigler, and Robert Kiyosaki. Each of them presenting a different side to mindset in general.

Mindset is made up of at least 3 things:

  • That which I Believe.
  • What I Think.
  • What I Do.

Depending on what these 3 things are for me, my mindset will differ accordingly.

The Power of the Right Mindset

I want out to point out that there is no right or wrong here. But there are simple formulas for success that we can follow to achieve our goals.

If I believe money comes easily to me, it does.

If I believe money is difficult to get, and is rarely in my possession, guess what? It is.

The power in having a supportive mindset is essential for success, but more importantly, what I believe will directly be linked to this and will be a deciding factor in what I do in everything.

The Millionaire Mindset - Change Light

Why Do I Need to Change My Thinking at All?

Now before you go shooting the messenger, let me just say, this is not common sense! If it were common for people to change their thinking, we would live in a very different world!

I find myself sticking out when I am speaking with most people, just because they haven’t been working on their mindset…at all.

I find myself the odd one out most times, because everyone else fits in perfectly with everyone else.

Their mindset is the same, their beliefs, their thoughts, and their actions, revolve around very similar core values:

  • I am not worthy of wealth.
  • I am poor.
  • I’m weak internally and externally.
  • I am failure.
  • God doesn’t love or care about me.
  • I am hopeless and can’t move forward.
  • I can’t do that.

The Logical Progression

Does this sound familiar? It should, because it is what most people think when they decide they want to do something. It is also what I usually think when I am feeling like I have failed at something or doubt myself.

No one is impervious to self-doubt and failure, but what I have learned, is that this is just another excuse. They ask you, “why didn’t you do blah blah blah?”, because… Fill in the blank.

Negative feelings and thoughts don’t support you…and they usually don’t make sense.

The real question, is not why, but how. Most people know that they are negative by nature, but most people don’t know how to change their thinking, even if they know internally, that such negativity isn’t the reality.

Remember those 3 things I said a little bit ago? They were in a specific order for a reason.

Beliefs –> Thoughts –> Actions

What do I believe? Are my beliefs supportive of my actions? Are my thoughts supportive of my actions? Does God support my actions? Valid questions I need to ask myself.

Wealth Following ThoughtsThe Millionaire Mindset - Money thought Bubble

If I didn’t believe I could achieve wealth through Wealthy Affiliate, the blogging business site I have my business based in, I wouldn’t work on it.

Heck, I would never have even found the website had I not believed I could be successful!

Because I believe I will be successful in my blog, my work, my work outs, my learning, my relationships, my spiritual life, and my life in general, my thoughts support my actions!

All 3 of these are important to clarify and decide on. What will I believe? Indeed, what will I think? What will I do? What are you going to decide these 3 will be for you?

I highly recommend looking past what most people accept, and accept only what it true, because the reality is no one else is going to live your life, or choose for you.

Internal Change = External ResultsThe Millionaire Mindset - Brain Cogs

Maybe you are like me. You despise a “how to” without an actual “how to”, and while this post doesn’t contain such a title, I don’t like coming away with new information without a way to apply it into my life.

With that in mind, here are some simple and easy ways to start changing the process from its root source:

  • Have a 30-minute writing exercise. Begin by asking a simple question. “Why do I feel like ___”, “Why didn’t I do ___”.

You can fill in the blank.

After asking the question, answer honestly. After you answer, then ask, “Why?”, then answer again. Do this until you actually do find out, “Why?”.

Understanding the why, is understanding the beliefs behind something, and if I am going to move forward, I need to know what beliefs are supporting me, and what beliefs are not.

Affirming Oneself

  • Affirm yourself positively. You wouldn’t tell yourself negative things to reinforce them, right?
    I don’t wake up and intentionally tell myself, “I am a failure, I’m fat, stupid, poor, faithless, powerless, ugly, and a poor person in general.”

Why? Because it might come true! Similarly, the positive things we say to ourselves, are fully able to become part of our reality and we can be everything we desire!

Start making affirmations in the area of your life that you desire. Like this:

I am a money magnet. I am financially free. Money comes easily to me. I give generously, and I am an excellent giver…etc.

Didn’t it feel good to say those things?

In closing, I hope I have presented information that has proven useful to you today and has helped you I some way.

Let me know in the comments below if you have any questions, and let me know what you thought of what I’ve talked about today!

As always, I will do my best to get back to you asap.

Best regards,

Jacob Highley

Jacob Highley

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