The Try Not To Laugh Challenge – Dominating The Internet In 2020

I want to discuss something that has recently become one of the most common and powerful internet videos on the internet: The Try Not To Laugh Challenge.

In this generation, if you are not watching at least 1 video on YouTube a day, you are the exception, not the norm. As the 1# website on the internet, and one of the most sensational sources of revenue for full time video creators, YouTube/Google has become a corporate juggernaut.

Most people know that there are trending topics and specific videos on YouTube, but most people don’t realize just how frequently content creators will do the same kinds of videos to boost their rankings.

The Try Not To Laugh Challenge – A Trend For YouTube’s Celebrities!

Maybe you have heard of the following YouTubers:

Want to know what they all have in common? (aside from their millions of subscribers) Every single one of these popular Youtubers has done the Try Not To Laugh Challenge at least once and generated millions of views.

I’m not saying anyone can make a Try Not to Laugh Challenge and get that kind of publicity. What I am saying however, is that millions of people around the world want to see people laugh! (Or try not to)

This trend also applies for video compilations. There are hundreds if not thousands of compilations designed to test your funny bone and resolve. (Clearly viewers also want to test how well they themselves can resist the urge to laugh, these videos get millions of views!)

No matter the choice niche or personality of the channel that goes through this challenge, the result is the same, people love it.

Who Did It First?

That’s actually one of the biggest problems with viral trends on the internet. In most cases, aside from 1 hit wonders and specific memes, (like “d**n Daniel” or “Leeroy Jenkins”) finding who invented a specific challenge or type of video is almost impossible.

YouTube only shows the most recent relevant results when you filter its search results. Thus, I had to do it manually. My results weren’t exactly surprising.

The oldest video of the try not to laugh challenge being done by someone (and gaining millions of views) was done by the REACT channel.

I say this isn’t surprising because they just uploaded their 123rd try not to laugh challenge less than a week ago, and their first try not to laugh challenge was uploaded Feb 5, 2015… a year earlier than most other famous YouTubers.

Most of these challenge videos gain over 1.3 million view on average for the REACT channel, and they are best known for having people “react” to a vast variety of things.

So if I had to guess, they are probably among the first to make this challenge popular at the very least.

The Different Types of “Try Not To Laugh Challenges”

Because the internet is so vast, there is virtually no end to the diversity of content you can find when browsing online. Believe it or not, a challenge as straight forward as this one has had many different twists and content variations incorporated into it.

One of the most popular versions of this challenge adds water to the mix. If someone laughs, the results are hilarious and a bit messy with water going everywhere.

The videos reacted to, have the greatest diversity. Videos ranging from vines, home videos, memes, animations, video game clips, and most recently “Tik Tok” videos.

Speaking of Tik Tok, jacksepticeye just released his first Try Not To Laugh Tik Tok video 5 days ago.

Which YouTubers Are Still Uploading This Challenge?

Naturally the REACT channel hasn’t stopped and doesn’t seem to have any intention of stopping their uploads of this challenge.

Markiplier just won his first Try Not To Laugh Challenge video and he seems to upload about 1 laugh challenge a month.

The YouTubers above seem to upload this challenge infrequently. It is hard to say when or if they will stop uploading it.

Is This Channel Viable Content To Upload Regularly

Absolutely! The audience for laugh challenges seems to be endless. That being said, I do think having an existing fan base will help out a lot, and your personality needs to be very attractive.

People don’t like seeing reaction videos or challenge videos when the people in the video are lifeless participants without any authenticity.

One of the primary reasons these kinds of videos garner so many views is because of the realism involved. There is no scripting, no pre-recorded response or practiced presentation.

When someone laughs, they laugh for real, and it is hilarious!

Let me know what your favorite videos are on Youtube!

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Jacob Highley

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