What Is The Power Of Perception? See The Top 4 Reasons Your Life Is Based On Perception

What is the power of perception? Many people would say that it underlines how we view everything around us. Heck, without perception, would anything have any worth?

I think it becomes easy for people to accept something if they believe in its author or source. When people believe in the credibility of something’s creator, it then becomes easy to accept the creation.

It’s like someone presenting their art and stating that it is a “masterpiece”. Unless this artist was well-known or famous, you would most likely be skeptical about this statement’s credibility.

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Another way you might accept such a statement would be if a “critic” gave a very positive review of the author’s work. Suddenly, this piece of art has become a “masterpiece”. But why?

The 4 Reasons People Accept Something To Be True

It comes down to 4 common reasons that people accept something.

1. Credibility

2. Logic

3. Appeal

4. Perception

Let’s look at how these 4 reasons play into every day life… With a pair of shades.

Life Is Experienced Through A Pair Of Shades… And One’s Credibility

If you go to see someone in concert, you are automatically believing that someone is going to play well. Their credibility is on the line. If they play poorly, you don’t want to listen to them, and chances are, you won’t want to ever hear them again.

This is very much how life is experienced. Let me explain.

Let’s say you want coffee, you are getting tired driving and tell your phone to lookup the nearest coffee places. Naturally, you see a Starbucks appear. You see one other place show up. You’ve never heard of the place before.

Now, I don’t mean to offend, but when I think of quick, good tasting coffee, I prefer Starbucks when I am out and about because they specialize in making numerous blends. They have other items you can purchase, but they are most known for their coffee.

I Would Buy My Coffee From Starbucks Because They Are More Credible

Unless I really don’t care about what I’m buying or want to try something new, I would buy from Starbucks because they are more credible. They are a larger company/franchise, I’ve heard of them and other people I know have been there before.What Is The Power Of Perception? - Starbucks

The point is, my life’s experience gravitates towards credibility. I want to feel “safe” in my experiences and purchases consequently.

If you are anything like me, your glasses have a shade of “safety” in them, and thus, you are more likely to choose the “safest” option.

People See You Through Their Shades… Of Logic!

Ever had someone just not like you? I know I have. Usually this occurs from me doing nothing to deserve their dislike or censure.

People judge you through the glasses they wear. If their glasses show you in a color they don’t like, you could be the most appealing, handsome, wealthy person on the planet, and they would still not like you!

People’s logic is very much tied into their preference. If 2+2=4, then a person who talks too fast might equal a person I don’t like.

I’m giving an over-exaggerated example, but I think you get the point. One’s logic is not always logical! You might think your assessment of a person is spot on, but you could be dead wrong. That’s why the saying, “You can’t judge a book by its cover”, has remained a constant.

What “Logic Shades” Do You Wear?

What shade of red, blue, yellow or green do you equate to attractiveness? If someone is well groomed and speaks with authority, do you find it logical to like this person, or to find this person intimidating? What kind of logic do you hold about yourself and others?

I know this is very much tied to what you believe and understand. Reading books that educate on the subject of success, money and character help a ton with this. They have for me.

No one is perfect though, and faulty logic can lead to many problems.

Your Destiny Is Directly Linked To The Color Shades You Wear

What is attractive to you? Do you find nice cars, fine dining, new clothing, or huge houses attractive? Is it all the above?

Maybe you are attracted to many things, and maybe some of those things aren’t healthy for you. This is actually where a lot of people argue that nothing should be denied of ourselves.

The problem with this is that is violates God’s commands to deny ourselves if we intend to follow him, and it violates the proper conduct necessary to excel towards success.

If you desire success, you have to understand yourself. Not just your motives, but what you believe. You first have to understand where you stand. You must be aware of the perceptions you hold.

What Perceptions Upon Life Do You Hold?

Are you an optimist? Pessimist? Are you dogmatic, or are you liberal? Not just talking about politics here. New ideas always come with pros and cons. The way one thing interacts with something else will always differ, but one’s perception determines what results are seen.

What Is The Power Of Perception? - Skyscrapers

A good example of this would be when someone is promoted in the work place. Let’s say, a pizza place.

Depending on your position, and aspirations in the company, you are most likely going to have a certain perception of the outcome. A specific opinion might be a good way of putting it.

A month long season of competitiveness and wits among those interested in this promotion transpires. There was no announcement except that a manager would be chosen within a months time among the staff.

The owner would take on the managerial duties until a suitable replacement was chosen. Naturally, everyone working around the owner was not only hard-working, but took every liberty to appear the perfect choice for this role.

People took extra shifts, worked the less appealing jobs more, always had a clean uniform and were 110% nicer than usual.

What Shades Are You Wearing?

After the month had gone by, a candidate was chosen. Different people competing for this position had varying reactions, but their perception of this even were almost all the same.

From the owner’s perceptions, they had chosen the best person for the job. The hardest working, the nicest, and perhaps even the best looking employee for the role of manager. The last month was one of their best and they made a ton of profits.

The catch here however, was that this employee was chosen over at least a dozen others who had been with company longer!

This employee, let’s call him, Dan, was thrilled! He was now making double his previous salary, was able to choose flexible hours, and would be given complete seniority over his fellow co-workers.

Regardless of how upset or chill the other employees appeared, every single one of them had the same perception: “I’ve been ripped off!”

Several of the employees had worked several days worth of overtime during abnormal hours that no one wanted as well. Many people filed complaints immediately, some demanded a raise, several people quit and blackmailed the company for discrimination.

What Is The Power Of Perception? The Harsh Reality

The reality of the situation is, no matter how hard you work, how good you look, how much loyalty you show, or how successful you are for someone, you are subject to your superior’s Perception. Your life, results and relationships are subject to your Perceptions too.What Is The Power Of Perception? - Eye Drawing

Everything in life is about perception. It’s what drives people to wear ridiculous clothing, eat the craziest foods, or do the funniest things. One way or another, if we find something appealing in any way shape or form, we have the desire for it.

Life is driven by what we can’t control. We can only control how we decide to respond to something. If we are not acting logically, but by whatever perspective we have programmed in, we may feel we’ve lost everything when we haven’t.

What Is The Power of Perception? In Conclusion…

What perception about the world and yourself do you hold? Are they good perceptions? Do you view the successful or wealthy in life as a bunch of liars and cheats?

What is holding you back in life? Are you getting in your own way?

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Let me know in the comments below what perceptions have made or broke your life before. Did you find this article interesting?

Feel free to email me anytime.

Warm regards,

Jacob Highley


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