What Is The Power Of Positivity? – Why Depression And Optimism Kill

The following article is the first of the “Money Power Series”. You’ve probably heard about how being positive can change your life, but what is the power of positivity?

We exercise power every day, but I sincerely believe that most people have little to no concept of what it means to exercise the power in our possession.

Sure, you can see that wealthy CEO barking orders in his skyscraper, but does having power over others mean you understand it? I think people use a dictionary more often than logic, and that’s saying something!

Positivity carries many benefits and it’s own power. Today I will be answering the question, “what is the power of positivity?”

What Is The Power Of Positivity? What Is Positivity?

Positivity could almost be described as being optimistic, were it not how the two deal with negativity compared to each other.

Positivity doesn’t ignore problems like optimism, it fully recognizes that there are bad things in life, but chooses to keep a productive attitude. Compare that with optimism which chooses to look on the brighter side of things.

That doesn’t serve me, if there is a problem, it doesn’t help to focus on the good, it benefits me to find a solution to the problem. That’s where positivity comes in.

I have included a link, Here, where you can see a more in depth definition of “Positivity”. The following search in Google pulls this up:

How Is Positivity Powerful?

Positivity has the ability to encourage, strengthen, and motivate me. Being that energy is often contagious, it shouldn’t be a big surprise that many of the most positive people in life tend to be the richest and most influential.

People like positive people, and their positivity helps other press past problems. Optimists are useful in life, but this quality is not leader-making.

When I have a problem, I look for a solution, but if I don’t stay positive, I could have the solution stare me in the face and never see it. Without positivity, which leads to hope, which leads to a breakthrough, I don’t have the will power to press on.

What Is The Power Of Positivity? - Positivity - Hope - Breakthrough

Being able to find a solution even when things are hopeless is what positivity is all about. It’s not about lying to myself that everything is ok when everything is not ok! Progress demands the ability to press on in the face of impossible odds, this is positivity.

Why Do We Need It?

Without positivity, we fall into depression, or choose to be optimistic. Neither depression nor optimism is a good life-defining quality to have, but if you had to pick one, obviously choose optimism. I don’t think I have ever heard about someone committing suicide because they were optimistic.

Depression kills me from the inside out, but optimism kills me from the outside in. By becoming depressed, I believe that the world has ended and there is no hope.

On the other hand, by being optimistic, I could end up thinking a business is fine because it hasn’t hit bankruptcy yet and thus fall into financial ruin due to a false sense of security..

In both situations my life could become completely unrealistic.

We need to be positive so that we keep moving forward and achieve our goals.

Numbers don’t lie, but people do. Because of this, many things in life become subjective. People start interpreting everything based on their outlook on life. This can be dangerous because many people’s view of themselves of the world and of others, can become very narrow.

We may start believing lies about ourselves and about our situation in life.

The truth is, everyone is limitless, and has the ability to virtually do and be whatever they want. This can be difficult to remember after we think we’ve failed in life, and it can be difficult to achieve our goals when we never accept the harsh reality of the situation.

How Do Depression And Optimism Kill?

I would also like to make a statement on depression and optimism that I hope will shed some light on the differentiation between the two. I realize that optimism and depression are rarely ever compared as negative factors in the same sentence, but this clarification is important.What Is The Power Of Positivity? - Mannequin Broken

People need to gain a clear understanding of how they are living. If I am living out of a false interpretation of life, then I am driving in the clouds while I am speeding in the opposite lane of traffic.

  • Depression kills our energy, motivation, appetite, physical health, and our will to live.


  • Optimism kills our sense or reality, our ability to rationalize, our ability to handle stress, our ability to cope with loss, and the amazing thrill of risk that boosts our adrenaline.

This is not about seeing rainbows and unicorns when there are actually fires and tragedy. Optimism isn’t positivity no matter how many times we try to fake it.

A good example of this is appearing happy when I am actually grieving. Sure it looks like nothing is wrong, but something is wrong, on the inside.

Life is not about living in a perfect world, so let’s stop pretending that we do and accept that there will be joy and sadness every single day. We can’t change that, we can only change our outlook.

How One Negative Emotion Leads To The Next

Depression is the exact opposite of optimism and positivity. Instead of focusing on the positive, now all I am doing is focusing on the negative. The problem with this mindset is that it too ignores reality like optimism.

I tend to look more at my flaws than at my good attributes simply because I have so many flaws. If you are a Christian or have ever been to church then you already know that we will never change our flawed nature, but we have a redeemer in Jesus.

However, it is very easy, even for Christians, to focus on the problems in their lives, and never seek a solution. The pattern looks like this:

What Is The Power Of Positivity? - Sadness - Hopelessness - Depression

Be a problem solver, or find someone who can solve a problem, and you won’t need optimism or suffer from depression. Then again, if something doesn’t have a solution, accepting the reality of a situation or compromising can bring peace.

How You Can Use The Power Of Positivity Right Now!

There are many ways to stay positive, though some work better than others. Here are some popular examples today:

  • Create a positive place of living for yourself, surround yourself with positive people. Life Makeover Coaching is an incredible source of affordable coaching.


  • Learn to give value to other peoples’ lives and it will come back to you.


  • Take care of yourself, health and fitness are key in life! They bring more joy and happiness!


  • Be willing to be wrong. It’s been said, “You can be right, or you can be happy.” – Gerald Jampolsky


  • Focus on the solution, not on the problem. If you can’t find the solution, find someone who can or come back to it later. Don’t let a problem be a life sucker.


  • View everything as a test and find the right answer. There is a lot less stress in life when we view our mistakes as trial and error, rather than life and death.


  • Don’t ignore your problems, acknowledge them and your own ability to solve them!


  • Start expanding your knowledge and learn powerful information to better your future! I have created many different reviews on books, courses and business models that you can start using today!

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I hope you have enjoyed this post, let me know what you thought in the comments below and feel free to email me with any questions!

Best regards,

Jacob Highley


Jacob Highley

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4 thoughts on “What Is The Power Of Positivity? – Why Depression And Optimism Kill

  • October 22, 2018 at 6:48 pm

    This is exactly what I’ve tried to explain to my colleagues. So many of them thing pessimism is “realism”, but really it’s just a bad attitude. Positivity is so much more productive. Maybe I’ll just send them this post instead of arguing with them lol

    • November 4, 2018 at 10:37 am

      You summed it up well, Marie! Many people fall into the category of ostriches, they believe that if they sink their head into the ground, the dangers and problems of life will just pass them by. But that is not living! That is leaving reality in favor of the comforts of a hollow teddy bear. You can’t hold it too tight.

  • October 22, 2018 at 11:15 pm

    Hello Jacob,
    Well written. The way you contrast optimism and positivity to depression, is very well done.

    I believe that depression is where you lose your lack of incentive. This is easier to do than not. When I was a teenager my mom used to say, “I want to live to be here tomorrow, because things change everyday.” The daily grind with some days feeling like it was a disaster, well, you have to think of them as today’s obstacles.

    I have three dogs and everyday I tell them, “it is a beautiful day in the neighborhood.”

    The power of projecting is the way of the world for me. If you project the negative that is what you will get.

    Great article. Thanks.

    • November 4, 2018 at 10:35 am

      It’s interesting how you mom made a statement like that. I know from a personal standpoint, that If I lived for the changed of tomorrow, I wouldn’t be living my life. I would be virtually living a dream or fantasy. My life would be filled with meaningless activity until I met a certain goal. I know living in the moment, but being prepared for tomorrow, has made a huge change in my life. I believe Robert Kiyosaki made very good points about this. Thanks for sharing!


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