What Is Will Power? Top 4 Reasons You Will Be Your Own Worst Enemy Without It!

What is will power? Maybe the following article will shed some light on this, and explain how you can avoid the hassle and make some real progress in your life.What Is Will Power? - Focused

Believe it or not, people have spent tens of thousands of dollars on course, seminars, events, resources and coaching and never became successful. I’m not just talking about making money here either.

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The issue has never been the means. People have made money from literally nothing but an idea and a friend they knew. Individuals are actually the biggest problem in business today.

People Are The Problem

Information, tools and money has never been so accessible today, but people are fundamentally flawed regardless of the technology that makes things easier. Self-control is lacking terribly.

If people want real change they have to be the change. If I want to see a change in someone, I must first change in the same way. Will power or self-control must become a primary part of my character.

The primary driving force behind results is will power. It is the pivotal force that makes a winner or a loser.

Let’s look at the Top 4 reasons people are their own worst enemy. Maybe this is you today. I hope this will help you!

1. Fear

Fear is easily the greatest killer of intuition and progress in society. A million idea in the hands of the fearful is absolutely worthless. No matter how much you stress the worth of what he has, he is unable to do anything with it… He is afraid.

Afraid of what exactly? Success? Failure? Money? No money?

The answer to these questions will vary from person to person. Everyone is afraid of something, and it is the people who choose to act in spite of fear that will always generate results.

Fear Leads To Defeat

People can overcome what they fear when they are willing to confront it, and accept the outcome. Many people get counseling so they can talk about what is troubling them, but the reality is that many people are simply afraid.What Is Will Power? - Defeated

Afraid of what has never happened, what will happen, and what is happening. Fear corrupts vision, mental acuteness, and physical prowess. No matter how gifted or talented, fear can paralyze someone until they are no more capable than an invalid.

2. Strategy

The other side of the spectrum lies with another excuse/problem people face. They aren’t equipped to succeed! Or for lack of a better word, aren’t “learned”.

They don’t have a strategy, a vehicle, or a team in place to achieve their goals. In many cases, people don’t take action because they don’t have the resources they need.

It is complicated to make money, if anything, people are complicated. The plan is where many people fall short and will actually self-sabatoge themselves because they didn’t have one or because they deviated from their initial strategy.

3. Doubt

Unlike fear, doubt keeps people from success in a different way. If someone doubts the success of something, they don’t believe in it. If I don’t believe in myself or my business, there is little chance for success.

My mindset and the core of my being are not in agreement over them. Friction occurs and success dwindles.

Doubt is only cured with belief. But belief often comes from value being associated with someone or something. Unless we see the value in something, we will usually doubt it’s worth.

That’s why self-worth is so important, and it’s why many books and resources have been created that deal with this sort of thing.

4. Laziness

Laziness is a killer of ambition if there ever was one. Not showing up is the single biggest reason why people never succeed. It’s like planting a seed but never watering it. Eventually that seed will die, and when the planter returns, he scratches his head wondering what happened.

If there was a cure for laziness, it lies in simply showing up. Unlike being paralyzed or have some kind of dysfunction with your body, laziness is a state of being as a result of a habit. It is not a medical condition and it most certainly won’t get you out of being fired when you are late from work.

Laziness must be overcome by a good habit. One of integrity, action, and drive.

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What Is Will Power? How Can I Use It To Succeed & Change Habits?

So we know the Top 4 Reasons why people don’t succeed:

Fear, Strategy (lack of it), Doubt, Laziness.

But where does will power come in?

“FSDL”What Is Will Power? - FSDL Abbreviation

If you look at the 4 reasons, you get an abbreviation:


F = Find

S = Strong

D = Decisive

L = Leverage

What’s your leverage? What compels you to work towards your goals? What get’s you up in the morning for work?

Is it the fear of being fired? The joy of another day? Your morning coffee? The people you might meet? The money you’ll make?

The reality is, if you don’t have a strong, decisive reason that gives you the leverage needed to exercise your will, you will not take action and you will fail.

Sometimes I wonder if the reason people fail is because they wanted to. Maybe I have chosen to fail only to make my fears a reality.

Resources, Tools For Growth

If you want to pin a nail to the wall, you need a hammer for precise, expected results. Don’t rip yourself off. Get the resources you need today that can help you avoid the potholes so many others have fallen into.

There are many ways to start changing habits, your mindset and generate success, but to find your drive, you must first know where you stand.

There are many courses, books and resources out right now that can help you big time. Here are just a few:

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Leave me a comment below with your feedback and feel free to ask me any questions. My email is below as well!

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